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The Anti-Pie

The Anti-Pie is the name given to the collection of spirits and mortals which for whatever twisted reason oppose the will of the almighty Pie. There is generally believed to be some sort of dark consciousness that forms the 'mind' of the Anti-Pie but it's true nature is largely a mystery, other than it is the opposite of our Pie in just about every way imaginable. Below are listed a few of the most well-known enemies of our religion.

Notable enemies of the Pie


One of the more powerful foes of righteousness, Parukia was born a typical human and knew the JoJo in his youth. Over time though he became corrupted by a hatred of humanity and slowly replaced his body parts with robotic segments until he resembled more twisted dinosaur-like creature than a man. He is sometimes known as the 'Anti-JoJo' due to his virulent opposition to the Pie and his claim to be able to communicate directly with the Anti-Pie's collective consciousness. He is thought to be the most likely candidate for the prophesied enemy who will bake and feast upon the JoJo, but also after three days will be defeated and sent into hiding until the end of days.

Jojo Misawoki

A vicious Japanese spirit who coincidently shares his first name with that of our founder, this being has attacked the JoJo twice out of apparent loathing for the Pie. His origins or true nature have yet to be determined, along with the meaning of his chosen form which mixes humanoid features with that of a predatory bird. He has only been known to appear in dreams though, so if you are unfortunate enough to encounter him use that to your advantage. It is said that having either a pie or a Pieism symbol in the same room as you sleep can offer protection against him appearing in most cases.

The Necrolobsters

The Necrolobsters are a group of cursed lobsters who rebelled against the Pie thousands of years ago in an attempt to overthrow our Crust and put the Lobster god in it's place. Their scheme failed when the greatest of crustaceans refused to join their coup and they were handily defeated at the battle of the Western Plains. Afterwards, they were sentenced by the Council of the Gods to be boiled alive, as is the standard punishment for lobster traitors, but as an additional penalty rather than reincarnating their spirits were trapped inside their boiled shells until they either repent or the end of days comes. These were then trapped in giant stone tombs across Mars for the safety of others, although escapes are common to this day. They are commonly recruited as minions by malevolent spirits.