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Other Pieism Sites

JoJo Pieism's Blog:

Pieism's page at blogger, has the JoJo's comments on Pieism issues

Pieism: The Art

Official website for Pieist Art

The Sacred Scrolls of Pieist Wisdom

The writings of the JoJo, covering the more deep lore of Pieism

Pieism Wiki:

A wiki page with info on this Pieism and the ancient Pieist sects


Historical: the following sites are no longer active

JoJo's Cult of Pie:

Defunct small church of our Pieism, was run by the High Druid

New Followers Blog:

Site of the New Followers of the Holy Pie , another defunct small church of our Pieism

Council of Pie:

A blog which was used for dicussion between different Pieism sects years ago

Federation of Pie:

A short-lived organisation that attempted to unite the Pieist sects, was replaced by the current "Great Religion of Pieism"